Reduce blind-spots and increase safety and security with the 9" super wide touch screen mirror monitor with reverse and live stream camera.

Features & Benefits

  • Power Supply: 12V/24V
  • 120 Degree wide angle lens captures a wide field of view to ensure an incident is never missed
  • Built in G Sensor detects an impact and securely saves the video footage on the SD Card separate from the continuous loop files
  • Seamless cycle loop recording function continuously records in an indefinite loop without stopping, constantly overwriting the oldest file with the newest video
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Automatic reverse trigger displays reverse image and parking grid lines when reverse gear is engaged to assist with reverse parking
  • Live streaming function enables the monitor to display rear vision while driving, ideal for vehicles with limited rear vision
  • Full 1080p high definition video recording at 30 fps for clear crisp recordings (Supports Micro SD card class 10 up to 64GB)


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