Quick, Convenient and Hands-Free; the MagicMount™ XL is a powerful magnetic mounting system for conveniently mounting your large and heavier devices to the dash in your vehicle or any flat surface in your office, home, workshop, boat or RV with the StickGrip™ strong hold suction cup base. Lock your smartphone device in place with this Scosche mount which features a suction cup with lock that secures to any flat surface. The 2X magnets are 100% safe for modern smartphones, tablets and other larger devices. The StickGrip™ suction cup makes installing and dismantling a breeze for taking the mount anywhere you need it most!

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated cable clips allow you to neatly connect your charging or audio cables.
  • The XL’s larger magnetic surface is designed for tablets and larger, heavier devices
  • StickGrip™ material on suction cup base provides a strong, secure hold on dash’s, windows, countertops, desks, tables and other surfaces.
  • The XL's larger surface gives you 2X the magnet power to provides secure grip to larger mobile devices
  • Extra powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets provide a secure grip to your devices and are 100% mobile device safe.


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