Front forward-facing 1080p dash camera with 140-degree wide-angle lens. The Ultra Low-Light Visibility and High Dynamic Range allows for superior night vision on the road. The camera also comes with built in inward-facing 720p camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens. You get instant recordings via the Nexar App

Features & Benefits

  • Dual Channel Dash Camera Powered by Nexar
  • Front forward facing 1080p @ 30fps; Sony Image Sensor w/ 140-degree wide angle lens
  • Ultra low-lux + HDR for superior night vision on the road
  • Rear inward facing 720p @ 30fps w/ 120-degree wide angle lens
  • Rear Sensor paired with IR LED Array for visibility within vehicle cabin even in the darkest driving conditions
  • 128GB of internal memory to ensure 1 full week of on-board front & rear footage stored on the camera itself
  • High precision G-sensor
  • Auto loop-recording and retention of driving events on the road
  • Instant Evidence; Seamlessly view recordings and events via the Nexar App
  • GPS via Nexar App
  • Siri / Google assistant integration via the Nexar App
  • Easy installation


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