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PAC’S proprietary technology facilitates the installation of any aftermarket product into any vehicle. We know how valuable your time is so our engineers design PAC solutions to make the installation process easier, faster and more reliable. Our cutting-edge technologies ensure you have the best quality parts regardless of the integration need. Our vehicle interfacing solutions are behind the dash, and designed with the highest of standards. Our front-end PAC products, including dash fitting kits and speaker adapters, are held to that same standard. From precisely matching the factory dash color and texture, to ensuring the perfect fit.

How to find PAC products on the Connects2 website

Simply find a product how you would any other, by using the part number search box or select your vehicle from the 'Your Vehicle' dropdown.

Radio Replacement

PAC's radio replacement interfaces and steering wheel control modules let you upgrade your radio but retain important factory features such as steering wheel controls, safety chimes, and more.

Universal Integrated Kits

PAC's universal integrated kits include everything you need to replace your radio for newer vehicles. A secondary screen, included in the kit, gives you access to HVAC controls, vehicle settings and more.

Installation Accessories

PAC's installation accessories allow you to upgrade your dash while retaining a factory look and feel. The line includes factory-matched dash kits, speaker adapters, harnesses, and more.

Audio Integration

Adding a full system, or just some bass to any vehicle, even premium factory amplified ones, is easy with our line of AmpPRO and AmpPRO Sub audio integration products.

Video Interfacing

Improve safety and driving ease with the addition of one or multiple safety cameras made possible by our video interfacing solutions for factory and aftermarket radios. Fully integrated, your safety system will be triggered by driver behavior (placing the car in reverse, using your turn signals, or speed sensing for front cameras)

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